Sharon Deehan's  Collection

Nurse, 3rd Field Hospital, Saigon - Honorary Member, Charlie Company

Charlie Company Memorabilia

Deehan 1C Deehan 1B

Nurse Deehan on the job & saving lives.
Jack Benedick's first nurse.


3rd Field Hospital - Saigon. This is where Jack Benedick first
arrivedafter losing both legs in the Mekong Delta.

Deehan 1D Deehan 1A

Imagine yourself seriously injured & you wake up in a strnge
place to see this beautiful blonde angel taking care of you.....

Deehan 1E
Deehan 1F
Deehan 1G
Deehan 1H
Deehan 1I Deehan 1J

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