Bill Varsafsky's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Heading out from Fort Riley, Kansas to the nearby "so
called Oasis", Junction City on a weekend pass - Bill
Varsafsky wearing his favorite yellow shirt and his
good buddy Curtis Irvin proudly wearing his fine
uniform. There's Ronnie Bryan back there smokin'.

Introduction My memory of Bill Varsafsky: Bill was everyone's friend and he was well respected by all who knew him.  He was one of my closest friends during our training at Fort Riley and while we expereinced combat duty in Viet Nam.  We were in close proximity for nearly two years and I can tell you that no one had a more positive attitude, was more honest nor more reliable . . . .he was simply one of the most fun loving, decent soldiers in our platoon. Heck, even Curtis Irvin liked Bill.  Bill was also one of the most fortunate in our unit as he managed to complete his combat tour of duty without earning the Purple Heart.  After more than 33 years, I recently had the opportunity to speak with Bill over the phone and I could immediately tell that I was talkin' to the same ole Bill that I knew so many years ago.  Bill's sense of humor is intact!              Bill Reynolds - November 27, 2000

3rd Squad - Lower Left:  Frank Modde, Gene Harvey,
Gil Rodriguez, Howard Green, and Curtis Irvin.
Top Left:  ??, Bill Varsafsky, Bob Ehlert,
Ronnie Reynolds and Stan Cockerell.


Curtis Irvin passing time in Kansas...

Buck Sgt Jimmie Salazar enjoying
 relaxation at Dong Tam nearing the
end of his tour of duty.

Mike Cramer, Bill & Wilson Burleson.

Butch Eakins, Curtis Irvin and Bill Varsafsky.

Sergeant Dan Kerr and Curtis Irvin.

Jerry Farber cleaning his boots - common
practice for Mobile Riverine Troopers after
dirty, rotten, stinking patrols in the Delta.

Zane Baker!  How U doin?

Bob French & Bill Varsafsky
loadin' up for a ride to
barracks ship.

Hi Willie Williams - hope things are well for you

Who is this soldier?

Lt. Jack inspecting Bill's M-16.

Willie Williams' new girlfriend & Fred Harrell looking on.

James Holstine happy at Dong Tam!

Lt. Jack's 2nd Platoon - the 13 lucky survivors of the
original platoon members that trained together at
Fort Riley, Kansas.  September, 1967.


Bill Varsafsky at the Cu Chi
hospital recovering from
hookworm infestation.

Rollie Gangler visiting his
2nd Platoon buddies aboard
the USS Benewah.

Ronnie Bryan and Bill after visiting
Camp Bearcat's fine shower facility.

Barbara Mandrel entertaining Charlie Company Troopers back in 1967.

Varsafsky 1ZZ

NOT A PRETTY PICTURE!  And who says Bill
Varsafsky could not hold his beer!?
Photo courtesy of Bob & Pat Geier - April 2007


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