June 2007 Trip To Vietnam

Visit Our June 19th Battle Site!

Henke2A copy

The Old Reliable

Photo taken during the June 19th Battle by
 Jim Henke
Alpha Co, 4th/47th

Ap Bac

Pockmarked paddies testify to the ferocity of the three day battle fought by the 9th Division in Long An Province last week. The circular pits, which quickly filled with water, were caused by bombs from air strikes and artillary rounds. On this ground, elements of The Old Reliables killed 250 enemy.

9th Signal Battalion Photo by Sp4 John Millaire

The primary mission of this Vietnam trip is to visit our June 19th Battle Site and to stand on that ground 40 years to the day after that unforgettable event. While there we will honor our fallen soldiers where 48 brave souls gave the ultimate sacrifice that day,
June 19, 1967.

This trip has been scheduled and developed to suit individual requirements. For example, several folks will only visit Saigon and the Mekong Delta, whereby others will visit these areas and several sites north of Saigon.  It's recommended that you coordinate your detail requirements directly with our tour guides, Courtney and Trang Frobenius of IndoChina Tours.  Phone number: 360 570-2096.  E-mail address:

As information, Bill and Mike Reynolds are departing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on June 14 and will depart Saigon on June 20, 2007. Courtney Frobenius is providing transportation on June 17, 18 and 19 from Saigon to My Tho, Dong Tam perimeter, Thoi San Island (VC Island) and our June 19th Battle Site.  Mode of transportation consists of air conditioned vans and river craft.  We will also tour VC Island on foot, retracing our patrol routes 40 years ago.

Contact us at billry@ca.rr.com for addtional information.



This photo, taken after the 4th/47th's huge battle on June 19, 1967, made the New York Times front page and numerous other major US newspapers. Pfc. John Hogle was with Lt. Jack Benedick's 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company

Pfc. John T. Hogle of Syracuse, N.Y., may
not be the muddiest soldier in Viet Nam, but
he'll do. This is what he looked like after a
23 hour battle with Viet Cong troops on the
fringe of the Mekong Delta.
-A P Wirephoto via Radio from Saigon


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